October 28, 2008

You Make Me Confused

I'm not feeling well, but cannot be said as I'm unwell,
it will give another meanings.

Cough, Fever, Flu, Dizzy
They all came in package.
Of course I'm not ordered them, fellas...
By the way, I'm getting better, I hope I'm getting better...

Reversed to few days before.
I told Uppa that I'm not feeling well,
he asked me to take a good rest,
had a good sleep [since it's almost my bed-time].
I smiled and prayed that I'm getting better.
I do hope I'll wake up in my normal condition.

Blackish rang.
It was MLP!.
Messages from him.
I woke up, hug my Danny.

"Danny, it's from Papa darling"

Of course Danny can't reply me.
Of course he will only stared at me.
Kimi and Charl were not with me, only Danny and Spongie around.

Yeah, Sean knew my heart...
Sean will make me energetic back.
Sean knew how to restore the adrenaline and the love in my heart.

Switch on my Sean.
Password : The Hottest Bachelorette

My Computer
My Local D
The Highest Private Area
My AD_Memories
The Anniversary

I looked at Sean's screen.
Hugged Danny.
I replied MLP's messages.
It's like nothing happened between us.
It's like the old days.
My finger moved on the touch pad.

Rolled in the comforter.
Will everything back to normal?
The normal mode is NOW,
not the old days...


4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

azie said...

life is soooo damn complicated, huh?

btw, where did u see my name on paper? which paper?

ZARA said...

azie :


life is damn complicated.

hard to settle it down.

in the "GRIP PHONE" poster darling!
in Berita Harian today!

rimieilya said...

hye dear..r u ok?exam just around the corner..take good care ok..so worried about u.

ZARA said...


I'm okay...

I hope I'm doing good.

Need to stop those hindrance.

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