October 28, 2008

Tagged by Yumi

[The Tagged that I owed from My YUMI darling]

[1] My ex-boyfriend is:
- Do I need to state his name? I prefer called as MLP.

[2] Currently I'm listening to:
- Avenged Sevenfold : Afterlife

[3] Maybe I should:
- study for my final exams

[4] I like :
- reading something that make me drown in it!

[5] My best friend:
- Last time I met her was back in 2005. I miss you darling!

[6] I don't understand:
- Why it's really hard for some people to smile, it's only smile fellas!

[7] I lost:
- My first love, MLP. That's what we called lost in term of love, maybe. LOL~

[8] Many people said:
- Zara, you are cool hyper-asctive!

[9] Meaning of my name:
- My real name? [The Holy Prophet daughter's name], Zahrah means flower.

[10] Love is:
- Universal. To God, Family, Friends, etc.

[11] In one place, there's someone:
- who make me remember him so much!

[12] I'll try to:
- be the best among the best!

[13] The word "FOREVER" means:
- it will remains and retains for an infinite time.

[14] My handphone:
- Small, old, cheap and his name is Blackish! Mummy love you!

[15] When I woke up:
- I'll stop my Blackish's alarm and recite doa.

[16] I can't stand with:
- people stared at me and say something at my back, Zara is Ugly!

[17] Party for me:
- having fun and settle all the tasks that been given to me.

[18] The cutest animal I ever seen:
- Panda. I love panda so much since it's in WWF logo.

[19] The most fun level of age for me:
- Teenager - I can do whatever I want and build my ownself.

[20] Today:
- I just recover from fever, cough and flu.

[21] Tonight:
- I will sleep and hug my babies, Charl and Kimi.

[22] Tomorrow:
- I'm going to my replacement class..

[23] I really want:
- all my dreams come true!

[24] When I see my face in the mirror this morning:
- Thanks God for this beautiful creations!

[25] Shopping complex or games arcade?
- I prefer both!

[26] Japanese or Western's foods?
- Japanese! Sushi, yummy!

[27] Bright or dark room?
- Bright for study and do all my jobs, dark for sleep!

[28] Fast foods are:
- unhealthy but still took it, rarely~

[29] Last sentence that I said to someone just now:
- I love you too dear.

[30] Do you want make this TAG longer?
- Hello, this is already long lol~

[31] Had you did whatever you must as a Muslim today?
- Yes, I hope so.

[32] When was the last time you kissed your parent?
- Before I went back to campus this evening.

[33] Have you dig your nose today?
- what this question about? - I had flu okay!

[34] Have you kissed your lover?
- Nope, I don't have one!

[35] Want to share this with:
- no one. I believe everyone too busy right now. Am I right fellas?

10 사랑해 Kisses From You:

[ Eclipse ] said...

manusia merupakan makhluk yg paling cantek. dan oh-uh nadia yg cantek *)

LZ said...

This is one cute tag, with cute answers!! XD

Zara dear u r so cute!!

[ Eclipse ] said...

actually tag nie mcm benci kan. tapi tag nie kadang2 diam diam selongkar apa yg kita x mau cakap kan *)

ZARA said...

[ Eclipse ] :



You are cute!

ZARA said...

LZ :

Why is it cute?

cz u not been tagged darling?


U r more cute than me!

ZARA said...

[ Eclipse ] :



kadang2 benci..

tapi kadang2...tunggu


_neo_ said...

memang semua org bizi stadi tok final,jgn ngengade nak pas kat sape2 k.hahahah

ZARA said...

_neo_ :

sebab tu ku tak pass kat sapa2..


nanti mati kena bunuh plak..


ezo said...


selamat x kena tag..


ZARA said...

ezo :


suka kau yer?

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