October 21, 2008

What Uppa Said?

Something that I always love to do is make someone feel happy.
I guess that everyone is the same.

We love someone, we showed by expressing it to them.
I love to treasure my relationships :
no matter its friendships, or any kind of relationships.

Owh, by the way as I mentioned before,
Uppa already received the gift.
[To know about the gift, click GIFT]

The chronology the messages that Uppa sent to me:

[The gift already arrived]

[He said he gonna open it after class, but changed his mind later]

[He opened that]

[Perfume+Shower Gel from Zara?]

He said thanks but something that really embarrassed,
to maintain and to make sure that the perfume bottle does not break up,
I wrapped with thick newspaper.

But I don't realized that,
one of the articles was about Breast Cancer!

We stopped messaging for a while since he need to drive off to his campus.

After that, when I'm in the bus to go to BPR's Open House,
he told me that he already wore the perfume and he really LOVE it!
Ahh...make me happy...


"Darling...I'm in class now. Love the smell of the perfume.Light fragrance,
not too strong. Just nice and already used it now...Hug"

[NOTE: He's not my boyfriend...]

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ezo said...

breast cancer?
haha.. cool...

alhamdulillah dia suka dan gembira..

kan dah kata..


ZARA said...


ku malu seh...




dia happy...

tu penting...

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