August 23, 2008

Peace and Serenity

[Sean : Stronger - Kanye West, Timbaland and Mike Dean]

Yesterday, after I saw the "heart-throbbed-message", I sent text-message to Buddy.
Buddy was working - damn! I really forgot about that.
I need my Buddy...
But, she worked until at least 8 or 10 p.m.

I took Blackish Phone again.
Who should I asked for help?
My mind turned around and I knew who - MLP.
I tried to call MLP - but I decided, NO.
Just hang up that phone call.

My Blackish ringing.
MLP gave a missed call.
MLP texted me.

MLP : Anything wrong dear?

Zara : Are you free right now?

MLP : Kind of...why?

Zara : I need someone to talk to.

MLP : Sure, go ahead.

I told MLP what happened to me. MLP just listened and try to make me felt better. I talked and cried at the same time.

MLP : Let me know what happen to you. Why are you crying?

Zara : .....[long story, cried, laughed]......

MLP : You should move forward dear. You are so young, energetic. It will be a waste if you just cried. You must move on.

Zara : But, why people hurted me?. Is that true no one love me?

MLP : Hey, don't say like that. I like and love you...

Zara : Its not the same...

[Been pampered by MLP]

Buddy went back from work and damn worried about me.
Told her I'm getting better.
It's make her suspicious.

She gave me some advices and shocked when she knew MLP pampered me.
Buddy relieved when I said I'm good.
MLP just gave some help.
I Love You Buddy!

Last night, after been pampered by Danny, Spongebob, Orangei, Manchester United Rolly and Pinky comforter, I am getting better!

Okay, I am lied. Just a bit good compare to yesterday. Maybe 20 percent, I guess.

At least, I can find some peace and serenity now. I kept rolling in my Pinky - listened to all Gorillaz and Linkin Park songs
- read the messages that been dropped into my Blackish Phone - did my thesis and assignments at the same time.

I felt that I'm getting matured now. Do I?

I filled my day with laughter and listened to good songs.

[currently : I'm Yours - Jason Mraz]

It seems that Sean need to work over his limits again - pity him but since his girlfriend, Zara need to find some disposition free from stress or emotion now
- he need to make sure Zara enjoyed every moments that she have now.
Pity my dear Sean - My Lovely Laptop...
You need to sacrifice a bit darling...
[Sean : When I Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls]

3 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Princess Liyana said...

Don't be sad. Life goes on, and you deserve to be happy! if you need someone to talk to, i'll always be here:)

Take care:)

Tara Graphic said...

y'know....when i listen to gorillaz i feel very happy...

Don't feel bad about yourself...

im doing a project on ur birthday...

u can relax...


im going to do something for you...don't worry...^_^!

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Liyana...

I do love u so much sis...

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