August 25, 2008

Zara’s LBF Award for You!

I just came back from my hometown and realized that my sweet home here had been in a good condition.

Not to say that I’m really grateful
because of all of your supports
while I am facing some of problems last Friday.

You make Zara feel that she never walked alone in this world.

All of you make Zara feels that she's alive!

Special thanks to all my sweet and loyal blogging friends.

I really want to dedicate this award for all of you.
It’s just a simple award from me,
I do hope it can brighten some of your days!

Special For:
Spymama, Neo, Princess Liyana,
LimZhi, JeromeFo, Jhona, Eunice,
Bridge, Laxmana, Tara.

15 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Laxmana said...


Thats very sweet... Thanx ;)

Tara Graphic said...


Thanks Zara!

ZARA said...

Laxmana: Welcome big bro~

Tara : Welcome Tara!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Thanks Zara sis!
Will always support you!

Jhona said...

hello sis! thank so much for the award.. grab it later... how's your week end?

Laxmana said...


My latest post :-

1. Tsunami Ekonomi ; inflasi pada ukuran 8.5 d skala richter!

2. Hijab Sang Pencinta

3. Hari2 Sumpah! Sumpah2 Hari2! Apa Nak Jadi?

4. Media Arus Perdana vs Media Arus Alternatif

p/s : baca, jgn x baca! hehee ;)

spymama said...

yeeehaaaa! Spymama so happy wanna post this award up! Thank you darling Zara!

spymama very sensitive person one.. when i see my name come first, i absolutely so deliriously happy.. somersault 3 times. heart skip many beats.

ZARA said...

Dear Spymama, JeromeFo, Jhona...

I'm really happy to have all of u in my life dear~

eunice said...

Thank you Zara! I am also very glad to have you as my friend too! =D Hugs!!

ZARA said...

You are welcome my dear Eunice!

I miss u so much dear!

Malou said...

I just came back from my family outing and I am so happy to see my name here. thanks dear that's so sweet :-)

ZARA said...

Thanks to u too Malou for being a good friend to me!

LimZhi said...

That's so sweet..thx zara dear.. =)

Bridge Schmidt said...

Thanks Zara! I don't know how to copy this on my blog. Anyway, your words are always wisdom to me. Thanks for your comfort. We all love you!

ZARA said...


U just need to copy the award's photo only. But then, I'm always glad to have u as one of my best friend here!
Love u so much Bridge!

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