August 22, 2008

Between Two Women

Something which I love to see between Mom and I was she's more more patience than me.

Last night, she went to the mosque. Since I'm not feeling too well that day, I just stayed at home while Ayim accompanied me. Did some of my assignments while texted my Buddy. She told me that she checked my blog - and she love read the parts - my happy parts - we shared anything together - even about our love life.

Mom went back from the mosque with a sad face. I asked her what happened to her. She showed her spec. One of neighbor's son damaged it. I'm pissed off. Some of our conversations:

Zara : Who did this to your spec?

Mom : One of our neighbor's son.

Zara : How old that boy?

Mom : Maybe 2 or 3 years old, since he still can't talk properly.

Zara : Have you tell his mother?

Mom : I am trying and one of the lady already told his mother, but his mother just pretend like nothing happen.

Zara : What???!!!

Mom : Relax Along [Mom called me like this because I'm the eldest]. He just a kid.

Zara : But, his mother pretend like nothing happen?. Hey, the spec was expensive Mom, hundreds bucks and you need it so much. You have tuition class tomorrow - you need your spec to drive to school tomorrow.

Mom : You can drive me there.

Zara : Is that so?. But, let me go to her house. I'll explain this matter to her.

Mom: What for?

Zara : Everything that happen in this world have it's consequences. How come they want to escape just like that? [...I kept mumbling....]

Mom : I will go to the optometry tomorrow and fix my spec.

Zara : Don't forget to ask for the bill and I will send it to her house.

Mom : No need.

Zara : Let me explain to her [...In my evil mind, I want to attack her...]

Mom : No need to be so hot-tempered. You are a wannabe teacher. [She knew that I will cool down at fast rate after that sentences]

Zara : But, I'm going back to campus this Sunday. If she want to hate me, I am not around anymore...[laugh]

Mom : But, you will always come back home right?

Zara : ......speechless.....[nodded my head]

Mom : So, just forget about this.

So, people - that's just one of the parts that I faced with my Mom. She inspired me to be a patience woman like her [ I am going to be young lady this 29th]. Love you so much Mom! I hope I can go back this weekend and celebrate my birthday with her and the rest of family.

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