August 22, 2008


By looking at the title, what will you think?
Just want to write something - about what happened yesterday.

For the rest of that day, I kept vomitted and went to the toilet - got critical stomachache. I lost my appetite and almost lost my mood at the same time.
Can you imagine, for the whole day, this energetic young lady just rolled in her warm comforter?

And yeah, I moved around too - just to go to the toilet and kitchen [to get my drink].
The rest - rolled on my bed without keen about breakfast, lunch or any meals.

Mom and Dad went to school.
They got some duties to do - be the examiners at two different schools.
The rest in my home just some teenagers and kids - what should I expect from them?
Luckily they can do laundry and their homeworks.

Mom and Dad kept called to check whether I am getting better.
I just kept rolled in the comforter.
My thesis, assignments were all on the carpet.
No mood, no energy even to touch them.

My mobile phone rangs - messages from Buddy and MLP.
They just checked whether I am good or not.

Buddy was a bit shocked and recommended types of medicine.
We kept messaged each other while I kept going to toilet.
At least she accompanied me.

MLP - as usual, whenever I felt sick - asked me to go to the clinic.
I do love the advice, but he always make me laughed when I heard that.
A guy who hate medicine always suggested, "Dear, go to clinic. Seek advice from doctor".
Anyway, thanks a lot MLP.

Asked my lil bro to buy some medicine for me.
I took that medicine without taking any foods.

Mom went back and relieved that I am getting better.
Within 30 seconds, she pissed off when she knew that I don't take my meals.
Gomenasai okaasan!

P/S: I tried to send message to my baby, but why it can't be delivered? *Sad*

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

spymama said...

oh zara are you okie or not?

ZARA said...

I'm doing good Mama...
Thanks a lot!

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