August 22, 2008

Do You Think So?

I got a comment from one of my ex-students. He wrote like this :

"Teacher, it seems that you love to talk so much. No wonder no guys want and love you!"

I am shocked with his statement. What I've did to him?. Why must a student said like that to his teacher?

I know I am a talkative person - no one can ever deny that. But, it makes me become friendly, extremely friendly and none of my friends said like that to me. I almost cried.

I sent text message to my buddy and asked her, "Dear, is that true no guy want or love me ever?"

She shocked and asked me why I asked that question. I told her what happened to me. She asked me to ignore that useless statement - a 17-year-old boy. She said she knew me so much and never ever think that thing will happen to me. Even she remind me that I've been in love before - for such long time. Alright, I got my energy back. Thnaks a lot Buddy.

Just to my "Dear-Dare" student :

Hey Lil Bro!
Thanks for say like that to me, your Chemistry teacher.
I hope you will have a happy life after said like that.
I really hope so.
Maybe you never dare to say so before this.
With technology - people can do whatever they want right?

Plus, my blog is the way I express myself.
So, whether I'm talkative here or not, this is my sweet home.
I don't use vulgar words nor insult others.
Have a nice life and Good Luck on your coming big exams!

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