July 4, 2008

My Voice

I love my voice so much - no matter what other people think about it. For me, God always give the best to the human, we need to be thankful and appreciate it.

For some people who already know how my voice sounds as, they will definitely say that, this girl have a unique voice - because my voice is a bit rough - like a man voice... *laugh*

Yeah, it’s true actually and I just love it. I still remember, during my school time - when I need to call my friends, their parents will ask who's on the line? Some people will be able to say, "This is his/her friend". But, not for me. I need to tell them my real name... *sigh*

It will create some problems if I call my female friends - it always likes that unless their parents already know who I am. I need to convinced them that I am really a girl - if they are too strict, they will asked me, where do I live and so on. Only after they were satisfied with my answers, they passed the phone to their daughters. Too much procedures right?

But, it will be such an easy work when I need to call the male. Yeah! Without any doubt that I am, the phone will passed easily - no need for a long debate or Q&A session... *laugh*

One of my friend said, my voice is romantic! I just can’t believe it - don’t know how that person defined the word romantic, but, I really want to thank that beloved friend because it makes me confident to talk in the public - and ignore those weird eyes who stared at me...

Just one reminder, if you need to use my service - in terms of voice only - just give me a call and don’t try to ask, "May I speak to Zara?"

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