July 4, 2008

A Nice Morning Chat

While I did some new posts for my blog, one of MLP's friend, Naz chat with me - accidentally actually. He just wants to ask for my opinion when I saw the poster that he sent.

I can tell you that, this guy - Naz is really creative. I managed to view his photo pages before this, and I found that it’s really interesting. So that, after the file transfer succeed, I can view the poster.

My first impression - is the guy inside the poster want to paste some poster on the wall? Basically because the previous night, I watched CSI Vegas - it’s about this stuffs - a lot of poster in the episode.

My second thought - that guy is holding a vinyl model - simply because I want to buy a vinyl model too (past few years)...

So, which one is the correct answer? He told me that, the second one is the correct one. Yata!

Its a nice thing to know that he actually read my blog too - one of my readers I guess, can I say like that? ... *laugh*

Basically, those people or friends who read my blog will say what they think via hand phone. Come on dear, drop some comments there! I am already set the comment to appear in the different windows, so that, it will not interrupt when you read other posts.

Have a nice day my friends and thanks for read my blog... *smile*

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