July 4, 2008

Cooking Quality, Macaroni dan Chicken Kurma

My okaasan said that my cooking quality had been increased within this two months and she will miss my cooking after I am going back to campus...

Arigatogozaimas okaasan! *hug*

I guess simply because I am in home these two months, my mom let me prepared for lunch and dinner. Usually fully preparation for lunch was under my own self and I will be her assistant for dinner.

For sure I will miss the feeling that I have when I saw them eat the meals that I prepared - because I want to increase my cooking skills. I gained so many experiences during this break.

Yesterday - for dinner, most of them were fasting - so, I prepared fried macaroni and helped mom cooked chicken kurma. To be honest, my okaasan really inspired me - every time I cooked alone - I did imaginary training for myself - it’s like my okaasan watch me cooking in the kitchen. Seriously, it will make me move faster... *smile*

I am looking forward to cook even more in the future...

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