July 4, 2008

My Hyung

Got a very good and happy news last night - today my hyung will register as freshmen in UM for his master... *claps*

I knew my hyung, Andrew in my campus - officially on 6th March 2008. Actually, I always saw him since I am a freshmen. He is one of my senior in my faculty whether we came from different courses. I am Chemistry and he was TESL. But, it doesnt matter I guess.

Andrew is a nice guy - seriously, you will like him at the first sight. I am not really good in English, kind of embarassing... *sigh* When I texted or online with him, I will use English - maybe I am quite good in writing but when I spoke to him, usually I will use Malay languange... *smile*

We had lunch once together and I found that my hyung was really friendly. By the way, the reason why I called him hyung because he likes a brother to me, and he is my senpai lol...

New semester will start soon - and its just around the corner - to be exact, next week, 7th July 2008. I am a bit sad when I realized he will not be around anymore - just like his style...

I am really happy when I heard that good news, just hope can meet him during his convocation day this August... *smile*

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