July 12, 2008

New Resident College

After a long day with some kind of problems with the buses (need to change the bus after waited for more than 25 minutes) - at last arrived in the campus. The weather was a bit rainy.

After checked the room number - lucky I got the area that I wanted - just asked the taxi driver to sent me to the block - G06. The office was closed for lunch hour - so, I thought that I want to look at the room first - and put those heavy bags outside the room.

Something that makes me surprised, the room was unlocked. So, I am able to look inside - trust me, I don’t break into it... *laugh*

The furniture’s are new - it supposed to be like that because all the "Lingkaran Dalam" resident colleges changed their furniture. So, most of the furniture are orange in color. Awesome and happy color. *smile*

Went to the office - registered my name and paid for that night rent - RM 4.00 per night, it’s still okay because I really need the room key - it make me easy to go out etc. There was a SPN guy - want to register as well - at least I had a friend to talk to after waited for a long time.

Met my course mates - Ila, Gee and Yuyue in Meranti - they had their lunches while I want to buy drinking water. Had some chats with them for a while - I wonder why some people want to open franchise because student still can chat in the cafe...

"Atok Air" said Hello to me. He thought that I am already graduate - told him that I am doing my final year now. Bought 2 bottles of 1.5 L mineral water - I need water like a fish... *laugh*

So tired...

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