July 4, 2008

Life as a Teacher

Last year, during this time, I was being a trainee teacher... The most precious moment in my life.

Someone asked me, "is it good to be a teacher?" I will say, this is the best profession - and now, honestly I am happy because my mom asked me to be a teacher - the same profession like her and my dad.

Let me share some secret with you people... *laugh*

When I was a trainee teacher - something for sure - I don’t get the salary - thanks to my parent who gave me some money for the purpose. I need to wake up at five in the morning. Is it too early? In the university, I woke up at 6 a.m. - at least if I don’t need to settle my business.

So, after had my shower, breakfast - a mug of Nescafe, the taxi will fetch me at 6.10 a.m. too early and too cold. Thanks to that uncle, who gave such a good cooperation for those three months. If the uncle had some problems - the taxi broke down or he was sick - I will go by motorbike or sometimes need to go with other teacher...

Usually I am arrived school at 6.45 a.m. because the assembly will be held at 7.10 a.m. My former secondary school was at 7.15 a.m... *sigh* But then, since I arrived early in the morning, I don’t mind about that matter so much.

Have such a good trainee partners like Wardah, Taufik and Nasuha, there were some advantages - especially Wardah - totally because I only have her at my side for that hard three months. Thanks a lot Wardah, because of that matter and of course, because you sent me to the bus station as well.

So, need to follow the rules - too many rules and regulations - hey, this is school you know - it’s really fun actually - teach the students, went for relief class and some other activities as well.

After a long and tired day, it’s time to go back home! The school end at 2.25 p.m. Can you imagine how many hours I spent in school every day? Gee!

At first stage, I always forced Taufik to send me to the nearest bus station - I took bus to go back home. Sometimes I will ask other teachers as well - anyone who passed through the bus station. Wardah and Kak Linda were my two regular heroins - really need their helps to send me...

This was just a few parts of a trainee teacher's experience... There was nothing to complaint. Life is awesome and experience is the best teacher in someone life...

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