July 4, 2008

Last Night

Tonight is the last night I am in my home sweet home... *laugh*

After two months have semester break, tomorrow is the day to go back to the campus! Yeah!

It doesn’t mean that I don’t love to stay in my home - it’s just I love to study, and to study, I need to go back to the campus. My lovely place, and for me, my campus is like my second home.

Most of my teenage time I spent in matriculation and university campus. After almost four years, I will be a final year student! At last, after struggling so hard, with sweat, joys and tears, new semester will start soon!

Perhaps tonight I will have such nice sleep with my lovely comforter; for sure I will miss it so much. Tomorrow I am going back by bus, so, there is no chance to bring the comforter with me... *sigh*

Need to recheck those items and stuffs that I want to bring back. My energy is limited, so do the spaces, it means that I only can bring the important stuffs only...

By the way, I am going to miss my home!

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