June 30, 2008

Driving and Dentist

Yesterday, I drove Mak to dental surgery clinic. She got toothache - and seems really in pain. So, I am the most qualified driver since Abah was in Johor Bahru for seminar and meeting... *laugh*

We arrived there at 9.15 a.m. - there were a lot of people inside the clinic. It seems all of them need to see the dentist immediately. I love dental clinic so much - I guess because I spent some money on the toothpaste... *sigh*

So, after waited more than one hour, at last, Mak's session! I am really sleepy while waiting for the nurse to call out Mak's name...

While waiting for her, I read the newspaper that I bought nearby and seems I already read every single word - and finally she came out! At last!

She did some scaling and some treatment - I love this part - it will make my mouth bleeding for more than half hour... *sigh*

On the way home, she only drove for a while, and let me took the position back! Yeah! I love driving... She sat next to me, her mouth full of blood and I drove very carefully and sometimes too fast - I love speeding but then, her eyes kept staring at the meter... *sigh*

Got my chance to cross a car, so, I just did it in front of her... She shouted at me - and I just laughed... I told her, "Mak, if you don't let me try it, how come I will be good in it?"... *big grin*

After all, we arrived home safe and sound...

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