June 30, 2008

Dilemma of a Blood Donor

Well, is it too formal to say it as a dilemma? ... *sigh*

One of my friends asked me, what is the "hukum" when someone who used or managed to get my blood is not the same religion as me; it means that the person is non-Muslim?

I told him, once I asked my mom, she told me the "hukum" is "harus". Just assume that I help others, do good things to other no matter who they are. I am totally agreed with my mom.

So, when I read yesterday's newspaper, in the "Soal Jawab Agama" corner by Associated Professor Mohamad Kamil Ab. Majid, the question had been asked to him. As I read his answer, it does really make me relieved - simply because there's nothing wrong with what I have done.

He said that, this things can be compared when we want to safe someone from drown - it means that we must help the person. In that time, no need for us to choose whether the person is the same religion with us or not. I am totally agreed with his opinion, and I still keep the article that he wrote.

I am also believed that, there is no such border like races, religions, status, etc. when it comes to humanities values. We should and must help each other without thinking those borders. For me, there are no borders, only people who build that in their minds...

If some of you want to read the article that I said before, you can view it in mindamuslim.com.

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