June 30, 2008

Blood Donation

Be one of blood donors in Malaysia really make me proud. I mean, it’s one of my dreams that I can really fulfill with my own self. When I hold my own blood donor book, it’s like something unbelievable to me! By the way, 14th June is World's Blood Donation Day.

Since I finished my secondary school at the age of sixteen, it means that I never have the chance to join the blood donation campaign; it does really make me sad.

When I am in matriculation, I am seventeen-year-old, and it means that I need my parent's permission for that, something which they will refused to allow me to do it. The blood donation event was on my 17th-birthday, and I am really sad because I can't join it.

So, I make a promise in my heart, when I don't need my parent's permission or signature, I will donate my blood.

At last, I got the chance to do it when I am in second-year of my university, on 22th July 2006, at the age of 18-year-old. The first time experience really makes me excited - I did all my best to fulfill my dream! For the first time, I am be able to donate 450 c.c. or 450 mL of my blood. It’s kind of bliss in my heart, to see the packet of my thick-reddish blood. So, the blood was sent to Hospital Sultanah Aminah.

After did so, I became more excited, I read a lot to get the information about this matter, the advantages, the terms and by did all of it, it just make me really crave on blood donation.

My second time was a bit bad - I almost fainted, unfortunately, I already been under a desk, simply like unconscious after donated. 25th March 2007, it's sounded funny, but thanks God, nothing happened to me. Still I managed to donate 450 c.c. This time, the blood was belonging to Hospital Sultan Ismail.

When I became more excited about this, I asked Abah to send me to Blood Bank in Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, formerly known as Hospital Muar. My third and fourth time donated bloods were in the Pathology Department, accurately in the Blood Bank itself on 10th December 2007 (300 c.c.) and 23rd May 2008 (400 c.c.)

I am looking forward to donate more in the future - I believe its something that I can give to the society because helped each other, no matter who we are in one of great welfare in the world...

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