June 30, 2008


Have you been disturbed by strangers? For me, the answer is YES...

Usually those people will send text messaging or emails to me. It’s not a good thing unless you consider some reasons but, it’s totally annoying for me.

I know, we can have new friends with this kind of ways but, I always hope those strangers are my friends - and Hotlink or Maxis user - simply because I use that service... *laugh*

By the way, there is a stranger who talks dirty to me - always acted like a pervert - I really want to give his number to the police! Whoever you are dude, you never know how far I can go if you make me angry, so, let see if you dare to contact me anymore!

But, there are some strangers that were friendly and easy going. Some of them can be a good friend, indeed... *laugh*

It reminds me to Hazami, a totally stranger and almost succeed to be a stalker, but now, we can be a good friend (I hope so). Not only to him, but to his wife and family as well. Be the Godmother (I prefer being a foster mother Hazami!). Anyway, that's sound good to me.

Just hope, if you really want to be a stalker or stranger to me, make sure that you have a good personality and use the same line phone as I use - it will be much better...

Have a great day with me...

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