June 24, 2009

Award : Daffodil D And Mute The SKBians

Before the end of the day, I still want to sing Happy Birthday To AQRAM.
I'm quite a loyal young bachelorette you know.

Oh yeah, would like to say thanks to
Daffodil D (Dayana Ribena) and Mute (Malacca-future-swimmer).
for the award that they gave to me.


Oh ya, thanks for the description that both of you mentioned.
Dayana : Zara - The Naughty Girl
Mute : Zara - Wannabe Teacher

::5 Interesting Facts of The Award-Giver(s)::

1-Cute girl
2-Younger than me, I guess.
3-A future Chemical Engineer
4-A happy girl and friendly.
5-I just like her so much.

1-Wore braces before this.
2-Quite handsome guy (Kimi dear, don't mad ya?)
3-Born and bred in Malacca
4-Love to swim at the public swimming center.
5- Addicted to music, well, he said himself.

::10 Facts About Me::

I wrote this things quite many time before this.
Maybe I should just copy and paste it here.

25 Facts Of Zara

or maybe you would like to read this one as well...

Tags By Facts


I'm the eldest from 6 siblings.
Yeah, Along and not Ah Long okay?
I'm not lending any money to others and beat them after that.
Well, I'll consider the fact if you owe too a lot money from me. LOL!

I love guys who have Chinese look. It cover Japanese and Korean looks as well. +
(please forgive this hideous girl of her taste)

I'm always the youngest in my class since I was in Standard 5.
Those fellas are usually born in 1986, 1985, etc. while I was born in 1987.
Ahh, Even in my workplace now, I'm the youngest teacher.

A bookworm.
Well, I guess comics, mangas and some academic books always be on my shelves.
Story books and novels are limited to some journalists and writers only.

I broke a wooden chair.
It was back in 2002 while I was in Form 4.
I'm pissed off again with some boys in class, and I hit the desk with the chair.
It's only as a warn actually, but unfortunately, the chair was broken.
I took all the broken part, brought it to the workshop, and took a new chair.
(Sounds like I'm a rebel kids before.ROFLOL)

All my academic institutions are in Johore.
As a pure Johorian, I never went out yet.
My primary and secondary schools were in Muar, Johore.
My matriculation college was in Tangkak, Ledang, Johore.
My university is in Skudai, Johore.
My workplace now in Ledang, Johore.

I do love Chemistry so much.
It's the fact whether Mom not allowed me to take Chemical Engineering,
I still take the Chemistry Education. LOL!
As long as it's education-based.
(Unfortunately, I didn't teach the subject right now)

A wannabe teacher.
InsyaALLAH, God will, that's me in the future.
To serve the best for future generation and the veteran generation as well.
It's the fact that what we gonna serve will be used to pay the tax,
and they'll get the benefits of it.

Award as "Tokoh Maulidur Rasul - Pelajar Harapan Sekolah"
It was the highest award that I got from school.
It's a kind shocked news, but I'm happy with it.
Almost return it back to the teacher because a boy kept challenged me to beat him
in the exam.

Extremely Friendly
This one can't be help since it's my natural style.

::Choose another 10 receivers::

Well, I don't want.

12 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Dakjaat™ said...

rupanya dia dah dapat.. :P

Da' daffodil D said...

omg zara!!at last!!!rpenye lappy i yg prob..ni gne lappy bro bru leh tembus blog u..did u hack my lappy thru ur blog?heheh..btw,thanks for the compliment..(yes,i agree that im cute)hahahahahaha ;p

ZARA 札拉 said...



mustilah..aku kan glamer gaks?


ZARA 札拉 said...

Da' daffodil D :

eerr..aku santau laptop ko..

agak2 ada muntah darah tak dia?


yeah, u r cute, no doubt darling!

Anike MK said...

Mute hensem??? erk....

(termenung menatap sang bulan...)

kamu mmg ganas laling..hehe


ZARA 札拉 said...

Anike MK :


ganas ke?


aku mau jadik sopan santun dan ayu~

Anike MK said...

sopan santun dan ayu ek?


ckp kena bisik2..sore xleh kuat2..

jln kena tunduk jer..bongkok pon bole..

jln kna slow...jgn kangkang luas2..


=) haha!

ZARA 札拉 said...

Anike MK :

mana ada aku camtu laling?

sedih tau?


green apple said...

ye, aku juga suka muka cam chinese..:)

eh, tetiba komen cam gatal.

ZARA 札拉 said...

green apple:


mana ada gatal kak Di..

kak di kan suka Leslie..=)

Anike MK said...

Laling oi...
aku xckp ko cmtu..

itu cara2 nk jd gadis sopan santun..

sopan santun ker??


ZARA 札拉 said...

Anike MK :


takpe2..aku akan berusaha dengan lebih gigih lagi!

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