January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday SPC and Glory Glory MU

Last Saturday,
at last, some of us managed to gather up as been planned.
Actually, just spent some weekend time with my coursemates.
Thanks to those pals who worked hard for this.
Arigatou gozaimas!

So, as been promised,
we met up in the cafe. Only eight of us went there in the morning.
It's kinda pathetic I guess (or maybe I'm the only one who thought like that?).
But, basically everything was fine because some of them will come for the main event only.
It's something understandable, since we are final year students.

We waited for the bus at Deer Park, outside our campus.
It's still belongs to us actually.
The deers are really cute and friendly!

We headed there.
Some of them decided to watch movie (Histeria and BrainScan),
but, three of us, have no intention to do so.

Before the movie starts,
just have some window shopping with my pals.
Ramesh, Yuyue and Ila.
They bought some stuffs whether I'm still looking for something which I need so much.

I saw the big banner of J.Co.
At last I found it in Johore!
Bought it and four of us ate those doughnuts with joys...

::I was in J.Co with lovely doughnuts and friends::

I bought some stuffs too.
We headed to Danga Bay after that.
Our main event held there.
SPC's birthday!

::Some of the photos when we were there::

Gonna missed that moment with all of you pals.
Don't know if we still can have crazy time like this after we face the working life.

And, those were the stuffs that I bought there.
Some Chinese New Year cards for my friends and...
Just a new bag and new blouse.
*Uppa said that he never see me in blouse. Gosh! I wore blouse when I met him before*

::The blouse and the bag, and I got a phone key-chain (?) from my coursemate,

She choose the "P" alphabet because she called me "Pah"!
Anyway, thanks a lot Husna-chan!

P/S: I have Symmetry and Spectroscopy Quiz today!
Wish me luck pals!



To all Manchester United fans out there,
We won!


...to those fellas who are Chelsea's fans,
what more can I say?
Glory Glory!

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22 사랑해 Kisses From You:

en_me said...

ada donut perisa durian takkks.. ehehe

Dakjaat™ said...

man.u menang naseb jer tu .. kehkehkeh! ;p

Anonymous said...

glory..glory MU!!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

en_me :


tak tanya la plak..

cam takde je..hahaha~

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Dakjaat™ :

ada bunyik2 jeles tu..




ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

epalgreen :


itu la semangat!!

glory glory!!

ghost_MaR said...

zara ...
ak sedih ...
chelsea lwn s'mlm ak x tgk ...
kalah lak tuh ...
sangat sedih ...

MU mng nasib jerk tuh ...
ak dengki yg t'amat nih ...

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...



jangan sedey2~

meh aku bakarkan lagi...


Chelsea memang tak terer!

Monkey D Luffy said...

uppa ko dah terlupa kot... hahaha


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Monkey D Luffy :

agaknya la kot?

sedey plak aku..


Glory Glory!!

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

makan donut tak ajak kak yanie
majukkkkkkkkkk setahun...



::_Yanie Putrajaya_::


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] :

alahai kakak ku...

jgn merajuk...


nanti kita pi makan yer?

One Other ... said...

I was an Arse fan. Err I mean, Arsenal. haha. Now i only follow a bit of slamball!

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

One Other ... :


Arsenal is our rival too..

But, you are my frens lol!

MysLykeMeeh said...

i liked the way u paste ur pictures---it looks orig!and fun---!

and the black bag seemed like---'oh it looks like mine? --lolzz...

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

MysLykeMeeh :

Thanks a lot dear...

Oh, its looked the same?

Oh my..^_^

~ochie~ (^_^)v said...

salam zara>>>
wawawa... ingtkan shoping utk ochie.. hehehhe..
thanks carrying about me..
love u zara.. hehhehe..
take care

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

~ochie~ (^_^)v :


nak shopping sama2 ker?


| a t i q a h | said...

huu..seronok nye mencelebrate birthday di danga bay.

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

| a t i q a h | :

iya dong~

agak seronok jua~

Zamz said...

emm mu bakal mengulangi kejayaan tahun lepas hihihi

ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

Zamz :


setuju dengan en.zamz!!

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