October 19, 2008

Some Words

[ Five minutes break : Thesis Editing ]


Recently I got to know some words that being used to describe me.
The real me from some people perspectives,
well, I don't mind people opinions sometimes.

Just really concern if that's how they looked at me,
at least they looked at this ugly duckling.

Lets see what are those words.
Rolling with tears, bloods and sweats.


This word had been used by Uppa when I teasing him around.
He said, how naughty I can be when I'm bored and got the chances
to pay back his jokes.


Well, this one been used by some people too.
I got no comment on this, but as one of bloggers, Eunice dearie
also said so, I need to agree.


This one?
Hurt me?
Not anymore fellas.


In what sense?
I give a high applause to those friends who mentioned this word to me,
since I dont know which area that I really smart in,
maybe Chemistry?


This word been used by my Dynamic Team member, CWC to me.
No offensive as he told me.
Maybe the photos that he saw the other day,
I looked plump.
Well, to be honest CWC, I found that, your word was true!


This word been used by many of my friends to describe me.
Some of them will asked me,
"ZARA, you consume a lot of sugars huh?"


This one is the best I guess!


Well, maybe yes.
Lim Zhi, is that so darling?

Any words that some of you want to add?
I would like to read the opinions...

12 사랑해 Kisses From You:

rOhock said...

cantiknya gambar.....kutip kat mana ni...

ZARA said...


Which photos?

yang cumel2 nih?

rajin2 pergi carik Glitter...

rOhock said...

semua cumel-cumel...knp cari gliter??

ZARA said...


saja suka2...


baru comel if glitter..[agaknya la]

utopia said...

hai sye pling suke kat blog awk
bila ade gambar2 karton
awk ambik kat mane ekk

ZARA said...

utopia :

thanks a lot!

sy amik kat Glitter Graphics...

ezo said...


u lupa 1 lagi...


lu macho, wa comey...


ZARA said...

ezo :

ala abang oitt,

u muncul lambat la...

tu la word yg i nak dengar...


I macho, u comel...^0^

ezo said...

lambat ke?


ZARA said...



lambat sedikit la....


ezo said...


x kisah la..

janji muncul juga di umah ekau ni..

~meneruskan kemaraan mendaki puncak top commentators..

ZARA said...

ezo :


if ku munculkan nama gua...

mesti kau tak dapat lagi...


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