October 31, 2008

Love or Life Notice?

::F.R.E.A.K.Y. Notice::

I woke up this morning and feel fresh.
Still in pain but, getting better.

Switch on My Sean.
Checked through my Yahoo account.

10 new emails.
Some are emails from YouthSays.com.
People answered the question that I asked there.
Good thing to know at least those Youth answered me.

I crossed one email.
From F.R.E.A.K.Y.
One of my Skype friends.
He sent me something.
He wrote there, a notice for Silence in Pain.
Well, I used that name in Skype.
The display name.
But, people still know that I'm Zara, if they really behave when try to chat with me.

He love to talk about love and life.
He gave his own definition on those things.
I believe all of us are the same.
Sometimes people around us seems care, but they just pretend to be it.

people who far from us showed their concern and can make us cry
even just read their words.

People treasure us,
why not we treasure them back?
Show your love towards whatever you do in your daily life.
You'll gonna found the real happiness.

::Dices for some people::

Thanks for always be there for me friends.
Thanks for really concerned about me whether we never meet each other.
Thanks for teach me how colorful my life when I know all of you.


Sean, Kimi, Charl, Blackish, Mimi.

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Muhammad Nazeef said...

im from YS..
followed the link u promoted and hafta say, u got a nice blog..^^..

ive linked you btw~
see u in YS..n_n..

eunice said...

Hi Zara!!!!!

that swimming pool is gross, how to climb up hhahahah. Anyway think it's photoshopped hehe

eunice said...

aiya, i need to promote my mushroom site here too.

Everyone pls visit for LOLs!!


ZARA said...

muhammad nazeef:

I read through your comment there.

Thanks a lot dude.

You also have good blog!

ZARA said...

eunice :


I got no idea...
maybe yes...
maybe no...

ZARA said...

eunice :


a promoting place yeah?

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