October 8, 2008

2nd Syawal : Time To Craze

It was second Syawal,
can tell all of you that foods were everywhere!

Some of relatives came to my house that morning,
well, almost afternoon, so, Mom and I prepared lunch for them.
::Cooked, cooked::

::My aunties and uncle::

::Some of the food that we served for them::

Well, that late afternoon, around 4 p.m.,
we went to Dad's side family house.
Celebrating some people birthday...and more foods...

There were 3 persons birthday,
Cik Mas - 1st October
Izzat - 2nd October
Awais - 2nd Syawal

::Combination of Modern and Traditional!::

::Recited some prayer before start the thing::

::The Beautiful Birthday Cake::

::Cik Mas and Awais::

::Holding Irsyad - both of us in PINK::

::Eat Time - with those cousins of mine::

::Based-Red Colors::
Left: Jaja, Zara and Izzat

Still not ready yet, Izzat already snapped this photo!
[With my cousin : Shafik who already work and gave us duit Raya!]

...after that, we went to Mom's Eldest Sister's House,
it means that...my aunty...

::Pink and Black Rulez::
[Aishah and Me]

::Zara and Maryam::

::The Foods Served::

::The Fish before we put the special sauce::

::Some veggie::

::Recite some prayers and read the Yassin::

::Talhah was too tired::

::4 University's cousins::
[Aishah, Zara, Nana and Maryam]

Plus some more:
Green - Angah
Sat next to me - My Auntie!

::With my cousin - Redza known as Uda::

::Mom with some of my aunts::

::Lemang that I got from Cik Noi::

14 사랑해 Kisses From You:

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

meriah nyer dia beraya...he he he

ezo said...

manyaknya makanan..
meletup perut nak makan semua lauk yang ada..

ZARA said...

Kak Yanie:

Meriah ek??


ZARA said...


makan berpada2 la pakcik oitt~

-waiseng- said...

that cake is nice~

ZARA said...


the cake is nice...

Princess Liyana said...

huhu.dearie,kek yang tomel untuk adik yg cute...huhu

ZARA said...

Princess Liyana:

kak sedara dia nih tak comel ka?

utopia said...

emm banyaknye makanan...
emm kalau xhabis menagis 2..
emm nasib baik ramai org kan

zamz said...

raya sakan ek

ZARA said...


Nasib baik ramai orang...
betul tu...

ZARA said...


Nasib baik ramai orang...
betul tu...

ZARA said...


sakan gak la...

amirwashere said...

hoho kak nih cm sbulan je braya!
mir dpt braya4 ari penuh je!
ish3 mmg raya sakan ye..

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