September 18, 2008

To Kill A Mocking Bird

Since we arrived in Jusco a bit early yesterday,
just had fun walked around in there.

Bro Izham wanted to buy new T-Shirt,
and Ramesh was accompany him.

So, Lorince and I were walking around in the shopping

Finally, we went into MPH.
I do love books so much.

Lorince suggested this novel for me to read.
He said it was a good novel ever.
So, I told myself,
"Just buy and read it Zara".

He even bought the book as well.
I mean, he took it first, then, I bought that too!

The Novel's Title is.....

by Harper Lee

I don't have time to read all of it yet,
but, if you are interested, maybe,
try this link!


So, its the time for Mr. Cameraman do his job!

::Zara and Lorince::
[Do we looked like the good promoters?]
...perhaps the good writers as well...

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ezo said...

haah la..
ada gaya staff MPH ni..
dah lama ke kerja ni?


ZARA said...


Takde la lama sangat [aicehh!]
tapi disebabkan pengalaman selama 4 tahun sebagai pustakawan, maybe ada la sedikit gaya tersebut. hahaha...

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