September 17, 2008

17th Ramadhan's Menu

After the meeting with the FP's Dean, went to the library.
Since Ramesh, Izham and me already planned to
breaking of fast outside,
I invited Lorince as well.

It's McD LOL!

Today's breaking of fast was nice!

::The Fries::
[I wonder why those guys did like this]

::Bro Izham and Ramesh::

::Zara and Lorince::
[Meal's Time!]

::Zara's Doublecheese::

::This was belongs to Bro Izham::

::Ramesh's McChicken::

::Lorince's Chicken::

::Lorince's Porridge::

::My Fries::

::From The Inside!::

::I just craze of this!::

::Let's Rock The Coke Out::

So, after finished all the McDonalds,
we moved to the second round.
Bell please!

::Dunkin' Donuts Time!::

1st Row: Choc Pudding
2nd Row : Green Tea, Double Choc, Orange [forgot the name]

[My Favorite Ever]
From left: Sweet Tofu, Wasabi, Crab's Eggs

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ezo said...

time2 subuh ni la boleh tertengok semua makanan yang menggiurkan ini..
oh tidakkkkkkkkk.........


ZARA said...


Tengok puas2 dulu Subuh2 nih....
Kang tengah hari ko tengok, mau batal puasa...hahahaha

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