September 15, 2008

Thanks For Accompany Me

I went back home last Friday.
The weather a bit gloomy today. It was drizzling and quite cold.

...someone called my name from the back.
Turned around and I saw my old schoolmate, Hafiz was stood behind me.

He's going home as well, and basically we were in the same bus.
Just my seat number was 6 while his seat was 28.
[seems at the back bro...]

Had some conversation with him while waiting for the bus - and when the bus arrived, we took our seats.
Luckily my seat was a single seat.

I need to awake one girl who sat on my seat
- I really need a good rest at that big and comfortable seat.

Quite bored in the bus, plus the passenger in front of me just make me pissed off.

She landed her seat too down, until I need to be a LADY CRAB!

I sent some text messages to those people that
I guess they need to know that I'm going back home.

To My Dad - let him know my departure time.

To My Uppa - let him know that I'm going home.

I slept in the bus, and luckily this time no more stalker etc.
...and after almost half way, my Blue-Blackish rang...

Owh, My Uppa sent me messages!

::Hi dear.. Yes, I'm going back to Klang tonight, after class.
Huhuhu... I don't like class on Friday evening...[sad]
You cold? [hug] ::

:: I really don't like the timing...Friday evening...
Other people going home at 6 p.m., but my class
just about to start. Huhu ::

:: Can't change it, dear. It's a core subject, and
only one class offered. Have to take it... ::

:: Yup, hope it ends soon. I'm Protestant ::

:: Hehe. So fast you reach Muar?
Yup, I've noticed it in his profile in e-learning. [smile] ::

:: Pity you... Have to wait... Huhu...[hug]...[smile] ::

...and I walked from the express bus station to the public bus station with a big grin on my face whether the weather was too hot...

Why the hot sun don't affect my mood as usual?

I let all of you answer it....

3 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ezo said...

sebab zara tgh feeling berchenta yang menuju puncak kasih dengan uppa tu..

biar panas mentari terik membahang,
kalau tengah bahagia pasti terasa nyaman macam baru lepas minum air kelapa..hehe..

ZARA said...


mana ada bercinta Ezo...
aku single...
masih mengekalkan setahun lebih single nih...
mana bleh rosakkan status tu maa~

air kelapa memang nyaman...
sapa setuju angkat kaki~

Bridge Schmidt said...


Goodluck on your trip to Kuala Lumpur. Have fun and be safe always.

I've been to KL 3 years ago, been to the Petronas Towers. It's really nice but I couldn't manage to get in.

Hey, show it to me okay? Take a photo when you go there!

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