September 15, 2008

One and a Half Day Away

Dear Lovely Friends,
Zara will not be around from 1 p.m. today [15th September]
until tomorrow [still not sure about the time].

I've a trip to Kuala Lumpur for a launching ceremony.
Basically, one of the representative of my lovely

Eh, why I can see some of you smiling?
It's not to meet My Uppa LOL.
[whether I do pray that I can meet him]

...and of course not purposely to meet MLP etc.
It's just for launching day on Tuesday.

The rest, my schedule had been arranged by the administrator.

Furthermore, My Baby already told me that I need to
move forward.
Forget about those memories.
Start all over again as a friend, bla...bla...bla...
[Sorry guys, but why all of you must have the same scripts?]

By the way, since it's not officially announced status,
I want to dedicate my love to all my friends who
support and celebrate my 1st anniversary as a single
young lady before!

...and to some new blogging friends,
this is for all you as well!

::Zara's Love You Award::

This time, this award is specially dedicate to:


[Come and Grab This Okay?]

So, until now my fellow friends.
Will miss all of you.

9 사랑해 Kisses From You:

ezo said...

terharu seketika..

makaseh zara..
nanti akan ku tempek dengan bangganya di dalam blog ku itu..

ZARA said...


seketika jer ko terharu?
Nih yg aku sedih ni~

aku akan tunggu ko tempek [formal ker nih?] kat blog ko~

RieNa.YuMi said...

weeeee......dapat sesuatu dari zara ler...

mekacih dear....

nnt yumi tempek[cam ezo] kat blog yumi yeh...

a Q r a m said...

hati hati di jalan raya

chepsmore said...

zara dear..
sorry for privatizing my blog..
sumething happen there..
but don worry soon it will open:)
omg, thanks fr the award..
terharu i..
nati i kupipes itu award ok..

eunice said...

U r always moving around! Always read messages like "Zara will not be around.." XD

I am going Penang (finally) this week! :D

Er I thought I will see your lanterns and mooncakes here or u had already finished ur mooncakes? XD

Chobits said...

Dearest Zara,

We will be missing you.
Lovely reward from Zara~ why i don't have? T_T Hehe~jkjk.
Enjoy your trip k. XD Muakss

spymama said...

will miss u zara.. have a good time, enjoy yourself whatever you do. there's alot in life waiting for all of us.

LZ said... are getting more and more bf(s) and gf(s) in the blogging world! =)

take care ya dear zara when u r away. don't forget to update us about your ceremony! =)

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