September 16, 2008

15th Ramadhan's Menu

Hi dear friends!
Miss all of you so much.
I'm a bit tired to update now.
But, since some of you were really concerned about me,
I posted something here first!

Thanks a lot for all of your love!

This entry basically just a few parts of Zara's Leave yesterday.
Told some all of you that I'm going to Kuala Lumpur
for MyLine launching ceremony.

Before I post all about it,
just enjoy this post first ya?

Breaking of Fast in R&R Seremban

::The Missing One Dynamic Team::
From left: Yussairi, Lorince, Fariz, Zara and Ady.
[CWC - We missed you]

::Zara's Yong Taw Foo::

::After it been served::

::This was belongs to Lorince::

::Ady's Meal::

::We just love this photo so much!::

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