September 1, 2008

Old Crazy Story

I went to the grocery shop this evening with Mom and Ayim [youngest bro].

Just bought some stuffs for today's meal - break the fast.
Helped Mom choosed those stuffs and paid for them.

Mom still in the grocery shop paid for some other things,
and I already carried the already-paid stuffs into the car.
Of course can't ask Ayim to help me. He is only 8-year-old boy.
But then, he just hold the prepaid card for my phone.

While waiting for her, there was a bazaar next to those shops.
Some people sell meals, cookies, cakes, dishes and drinks for open the fast.

By looking at those, I am shocked!

I saw someone who I hadn't been seen since 2003.
My old craze person story as a teenager!
Oh My God!
I knew that's him - the basketball player who really good in did Slam Dunk!
Just called him as LCH - a Chinese guy - my ex-schoolmate.

I looked at him once and then turned around looked at the car.
He'd changed a lot since I left school.
The dyed-hair with awesome hairstyle and his spec.
I wonder if he still remember me - old crazy fan!

Mom was still in the grocery shop. There were too many people queue to pay.

I heard a motorcycle stopped next to my car.
I looked at it.

Oh My God!
Why must him?

He parked his motorcycle next to my car.
He looked at me.
I just smiled.
I'm thinking if he still recognize me, perhaps not.

He moved towards me and said, "Hi".
I said "Hi" too...
and at the same time, I knew that I'm blushed!
[Why must now?]

LCH : I knew you.

Zara : Yeah, I knew you too.

LCH : You are my senior in school.

Zara : Yes I was. [Actually, our age are the same lolz]

LCH : You are the one who always smile at me each time we bumped each other, and you always in the library during recess time.

Zara : Yeah. [blushed]

LCH : You are so nice! I remembered the secret gifts from you. [laugh]

Zara : Really? That's quite embarassing to think about. [blushed]

LCH : The Moon Cake, The Chocolate. I never had the chance to return those.

Zara : It's really okay with me. You had a lot of fans before. You're good in basketball and volleyball too.

LCH : Thanks. But no one did like you did. Besides, I already stop play those seriously. A bit busy now.

Zara : Owh, okay. [blushed - Do I looked stupid?]

LCH : You're a bit mysterious before ~ I wonder why. [laugh] Watcha doing now?

Zara : Doing my final year as the university student in Johore. You?

LCH : Just college. You're so lucky - smart and kind person.

Zara : [blushed] Not really, but thanks.

LCH : Why must deny it? [smile] I need to go. See you later. Nice to meet you today.

Zara : Nice to meet you too. Take care.

Mom came and we headed back home.
I wondered whether I looked okay just now - I mean after 5 years. [laugh]

Something just crossed my mind.
I don't asked his phone number etc.
But his nice smile, his tall figure ~ about 180 cm, I just too short stood next to him.

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

LZ said...

Hahha..sounds like a it true?? sweet he still rmb u!! XD

Tara Graphic said...

Cool! A basketball player!! 180!!

man..he's a great guy.

U should ask his phone number next time.


Chobits said...

Wow, he is surely a handsome guy.
And you remember every single word he said, haha~ XD
Remember to take phone number or maybe msn next time. ^^

ZARA said...

LZ :

Not really I guess...

ZARA said...


Only a basketball dear...
and an old schoolmates...

he he he...

ZARA said...


Yeah he does!
One of the most charming Chinese guy that I met!

I will keep your advice in my mind dear...

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