August 30, 2008

Read This!

Just a quick notice for all of you dear friends.

To some friends who asked how to send birthday gifts to me,
just e-mail me and I'll let all of you know my home address.
Feel free to drop your e-mail to:

I don't mind whatever all of you want to give me.
Will be happy for it!
...and thanks a lot for all the wishes!

[current song : Happy Birthday song]

I'm going back to my hometown [again] for some reasons.
My hometown is in Muar, Johore, Malaysia.
But since Johore declared new district -
Ledang, my home already be in that area.

I bet for Malaysian, they must know my place.
For the rest of blogging friends, you can find it by Google it!
Look at the map - and shout you love me!

So, I'm on leave from 29th August until 2nd September 2008.
Will come back to the campus in the evening of 2nd September.

I'm going back because we have a short breaks due to public holidays in Malaysia and Johore.

31st August : 51st Malaysia's Independence Day
1st September : 1st Ramadhan [fasting month] -
Johore take this as it's public holiday.

To all Malaysians - Happy Independence Day! Merdeka!

To all Muslims - Happy Eid Mubarak, let's fasting and fill our times with good things.

To all friends - Zara will miss all of you here! Please look after my home!

[sing the National Anthem proudly]

7 사랑해 Kisses From You:

a Q r a m said...

selamat mnjalani ibadah puasa bersama keluarga di kampung..

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Hie.Zara Enjoy your holidays!
Hv fun orrh!

Tara Graphic said...

Good luck Zara....

am i a friend too?...

well happy holidays...cheers.

Malou said...

Happy Birthday Zara! From Malou of New York :-)

A t i Q a h said...

Dearie, sorry hari tu tak sempat jumpa. Bas saye datang cepat sangat la pulak. He he.

eunice said...

Zara deary! Enjoy your holidays!! And happy birthday! (hope my wishes for u are not too late) Hugs!!

ZARA said...

Thanks to all of you!

Love you!

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