September 12, 2008

The Gift and Bloom Heart

Today, went to DSI again.
It's Foo performance!
Plus, I met Syazwani [elearning girl] as well.

So, I'm having fun there with some of my course mates,
and managed got some gifts as well.

::Some of the gifts::

[The Rat Fan - From Chinese New Year booth]

Foo sang with her great voice!
It's so nice darling!

...and Yeah, Uppa just messaged me.

:: Zara dear...What are you doing? ::

:: Yup, miss you. Wah, you do laundry at night?
How to dry? Hang at your room? ::

:: My class was 3-6 p.m. Oh, then the water will drip onto
your room floor...Huhu.. How to hang so many
in a such small space? ::

::Oh, okay. That's better. It's so tiring to squeeze dry by hand.
Haha... hang your clothes systematically ya? ::

:: Had rice with curry chicken. Bought from cafe.
The vegetable wasn't very fresh, so I don't eat it.
Oh, who drew that picture in Facebook?::

:: Dear, I still haven't post your gift. So sorry... Hehe..
It's pink color thing. It's shape is difficult to wrap,
so I put in a box.
[Don't worry...It's not a ] ::

:: Hehe. Sorry, I'm naughty. [smile].
Erm, is it open for everyone to go? What exactly is that
celebration for, dear? ::

[The Happy Zara]

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