September 12, 2008

Going Back Home...

I'm going back home today.

There's something that I need to settle down a bit.
My bus will be at 11.30 a.m. [Malaysia's time]
Will going back alone again.

::See the car?::
[Can you see Zara there?]

By the way, as I told you earlier, I am going back by bus.
Just hope no more stalker or whatever it is the library like the
previous experience.
Still remember the X?

::The Crazy X::

I'll kill her [oooppss, I've reveal the gender!] if I see her around.
I've become stronger now!

So, to all Zara's Lovely Friends,
I'll be on leave this weekend,
basically from today until 14th September 2008.

Please look after Zara's Home okay?
I'm gonna miss all of you!

::Zara's Love To All::

See all of you this coming Sunday!


14 사랑해 Kisses From You:

a Q r a m said...

syok la balek umah..hehe..rajin nye balek umah...

RieNa.YuMi said...

hati-hati...balik umah leh makan umah lak...heheheh...makan mak masak bnyak2 tawu... *wink*

ZARA said...

a q r a m:

Patutnya aku tak balik minggu ni, tapi sebab ada hal skit, aku pulang la rumah~

ZARA said...


Taknak makan banyak2, tapi nak makan banyak jenis~kih3~

Baik, ceq akan berhati2~

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

take care k dik.....


semoga selamat sampai ke umah

IxoRa said...

zara, yeayy yeaayyy balik kampung. Seronoknya.

nanti boleh la gi PARAM kt kg, dpt beli macam2....

Berhati2 ya.... Take Care.

amirwashere said...

waa bes la dia balik rumah~
ouh kalu ad ucapan nnti please mention my name skli k..

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

SafeJourney =)
And enjoy*

ezo said...

waaa..balik umah da..
take care...
c ya this sunday..

Bridge Schmidt said...

Take care dear Zara. I hope you will be guided by your angels as you travel, and keep the bad people away, especially the stalkers! Have fun dear!

lORiNCE LH SYAh said...

Erm.. How do I start it.
Be bless at your home, I won't be able to see my home weekly so~ do bring me a home scent. I never been to muar before, but I guess it'll take at least 2 hours to get back here.. I should've wave to you as you leave for home yesterday. Bha.. Carefull on your way back here.

lORiNCE LH SYAh said...

And about the 2nd comment~
NO COMMENT and of coz NO KOREK KOREK hehe~ :biggrin:

A t i Q a h said...

slamat balik kampung, selamat balik kampus. hehe.

Princess Liyana said...

huhu..harini mesti dah balik kan?esok kelas..hehe..selamat pulang dearie:)

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