September 6, 2008

At Last I Met You!

Okay friends,
I owed some stories here.

As I promised in my Assignment's Day post,
I will let all of you know about one of my
favorite forum in e-learning.

I found that I gained a lot of friends from this site.
Andrew, Ady, Chua, Izwani, Rizal and even this Lil Bro,

So, basically, I guessed that I hijacked this guy.

I saw him and asked about his name.
It's looked like he can't recognize me and,
a bit make me pissed off.
[Sorry Lorince...^0^]

After all, Foo asked me to just talk to him.
Took some times to think,
and yeah, I met him!
[Basically we shared those table outside]

So, the rest was history.
Let's just say only Lorince and I know about it.

Dear Lil Bro,
I'm really happy because at last, I met you!
It's looked like accidentally,
but I believed that its been written in the fate.

Its a blessed to meet you today!
Perhaps we can meet again next time!
It's really good to have a very nice conversation with you!

I felt like I met a good ex-schoolmate!

Keep on smiling Lil Bro Lorince!

P/S: Thanks For Everything Today!

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

en_me said...

sonok kannns jumper member sekolah lamerr..

ZARA said...


Actually, he's not my old schoolmate~

a Q r a m said...

ini ke nama nye cinta internet yg pernah digembar gemburkan oleh majalah2 dan tabloid suatu masa tidak lama dahulu?

ZARA said...

a q r a m:

Its not lolz...
ada ker cinta internet kat e-learning?
LAwak la ko sayang...

a Q r a m said...

isk isk...mane la taw ko jatuh hati kat hujah2 membina beliau ke..

ZARA said...

a q r a m:

Camtu aku terpaksa jatuh hati kat 5-6 orang budak2 kat e-learning la. Hahaha...

Eh, ko tak on YM ek?

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