September 6, 2008

OMG! Its You Dear Burger!

I kept checked my viewers.
It's just kind of concern who loves to see my small
world here.

This morning I saw one URL.
It's like this.

I view that blog.
I wondered who's blog is that anyway.
No name, I mean the real name.

Then, I crossed over one too familiar name.
It's my name,
I mean my blog is in that blog!

I dropped messages in the ChatBox.
Just hope that owner will reply me.

Then, I went back this evening.
I saw that blog had been updated.

I saw one new post.
I clicked on it.

她是阿花 She is A Fa...

By read that post, I realized that, who was
the writer!
It's you darling!

Thanks for dropped by and those sweet words.
I want to copy those post here.
Just hope you don't mind.
Love you too dear!

Here's the post!

因为阿傅和系友mira,加上曾经是corridormate, 所以我认识了她。




Because of A Foo and Mira, in addition we were corridor mates before, so I get to know her.
I think I have gone into her room for twice or thrice only.
Although there were too many uncertainties during our first year, we still accumulated some good memories.

After that I had moved out, but I still passed by the block sometimes.
She always called me from her room at 2nd floor, and I always enjoy making jokes and having fun with her.
Although I am not knowing her very much, I appreciate I can have a such sporty, active, friendly, happy and lively friend in my life span.

She is A Foo's classmate. Hopefully both of them can graduate together.
A Fa, you're my forever friend. This is the gift from the God, I appreciate very much.
Really appreciate it!

(Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday......)

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