September 6, 2008

Assignment's Day

After all, today was a busy Saturday.
I woke up this morning just to realize that it's still dark outside there. [laugh]

I grabbed Sean and put him next to me.
Whispered to him that I do love him so much.
Sean My Baby Aspire 4920.

Did some laundry, and prepared to run to Cengal,
I got group discussion there.

After discussed for some times,

we realized that we really do need more materials.


The WiFi too slowed.

Decided to go to PSZ.
On the way there, Foo dropped me in my block,
just to bring the printer along to library.
[Sofea never went outside before]

Did the assignments outside the library.

[I've very interesting part to share later]
[Laugh like evil]

::My Sofea outside the library::
[She seems enjoyed been outside]

::The Physical Chem Group::

From left: Ramesh, Zara, Foo and Yeng.
[Jenne was not around - she went back to Singapore]

Why you opened your spec?!

::Ramesh, Zara, and Foo without specs::
[Yeng was next to Foo]

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