September 17, 2008

16th September : MyLine Launching Ceremony!

The big day arrived!

I had the pre-meal with those three guys [Ady, Sol and Lorince]
at 4.30 a.m.

Just something that make me a bit shocked,
the rule was a bit strict!

So, after that, took my shower and ready for the big event!

Those photos will visualized what happened on that day!
Enjoy them!

::Zara with the heels and handbag!::

::In Front of the Library there::
[It has the same name as in the Skudai Campus]

::The Active Group::
From left:Fariz, Lorince, Ady, Zara, Yussairi
and Soliheen [front]

From left: Ady, Soliheen, Yasmin, Iman, Zara,
Yussairi, Lorince and Fariz

::The Dynamic Team::
[We missed one guy here, Mr. Chua who already

::With Ms. Fatimah, my Oral lecturer and
CTL's lecturer as well::

::Utilized the MyLine on PC::

::DT's Specky Rules::
[CWC, you're suppose to be here as well!]

::The Teachers in Dynamic Team::
[Ady and Zara]

::Some of the participants::
[We have the International Students as well]

::Don't Try To Mess With Us::

::The VVIPs seats or Dynamic Team should use it?::

After the ceremony,
I changed my formal attire to some casual garment.

Since some of you said want to see Zara wear the pink garment,
here it is!

::Special To All of You!::

::Zara and Sam::

::Zara and Chali::

::Chai and Zara::

::Zara with Packi and Karthi::
[The only Indian guys in this delegation]

...and Yeah,
you can find more info about all of the ceremony
by just type MyLine and search for that.

I can't snap the whole ceremony's program simply
because it is a formal launching ceremony that been
attend by the Minister of Higher Education.

Click here for the newspaper article.

Click here to read the English version.

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

amirwashere said...

hoh! actually i was enterd their kolj.. tu pn nk jmpa kwn.. ish npe x ugut press msa ceremony tu suh bhgi2 skit gmbr kat kak??

ezo said...

banyaknye gambar..
zara nampak happy gile..
tumpang hepi skali..

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