September 17, 2008

15th September : Skudai to KL

I'm damn tired that day.
Seriously plus my thumb still bleeding.
We suppose to depart from Skudai to Kuala Lumpur
at 1.00 p.m.

But, due to some reasons,
it been delayed to 2.30 p.m.!

So, at last the bus and the money arrived!

::Ady hold a lot of money in his hand!::
[Luckily he already gave me the pocket money before I
snapped this photo]

::Say Hello To The World Zara!::
[LZ - With this kind of spec, do Zara still looked evil?]

After stopped in Ayer Keroh for prayer,
we stopped again in Seremban for breaking of fast!
Could you imagined,
two and half hours here?

So, it's time to kill the time!

::Zara Loves Coordination Number 6::
[There were two ambiguous ligands here]

::Crazy Young Lady::

::Two guys who really enjoyed their foods and still can
ate the ice cream!::
[I almost vomit after took my meal,
but them?]

So, after killed our time in Seremban,
we headed to UTM International Campus.

We did some rehearsals,
and played around again!

::The Black Rules::
[From left: Ady, Zara and Lorince]

::We are the models of the LCD and Screen!::

::The Stage After Rehearsal::

:: Zara and The Twin Tower ::

After did the rehearsal in the Big Hall in Jalan Semarak,
we headed to the Second College to sleep!
At last!

::Double Room but I slept there alone::

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