September 17, 2008

16th September : After The Ceremony

After the ceremony,
Ady announced that we will going to KLCC!

So fellow,
let's have some fun before going back!

::Lady Looked::

::Petronas Twin Tower::
[This photo is dedicated to My Lovely Bridge]

::The Other Views::

::Do I looked good?::
[I do hope that someone look at this photo]

::Ady and Zara::
[We looked still energetic]

::Zara and Lorince::
[OMG!This Lil Bro looked too tired]

P/S: To all my dear friends,
sorry because some of the photos were a bit
private, so I can't uploaded it here.

I'm totally had fun and thanks a lot for all
of yours prayers.
Love all of you!

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

uish..sempat posing ala2 comey...hehehhe

Laxmana said...

lu pun dah pandai gune tajuk 16 September yer...?


amirwashere said...

behnye! kalu ikut grup2 cmnih!!

ezo said...

lama tak pegi klcc..
zaman gila2 remaja dulu ada la..

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