August 11, 2008

Walk Down The Memory Lane

After sent Midah to her block, I am walking back.

*The path that I am walking*

*Zara's Cinderella step*
+Looked cute+

*See something that I love*

*The hill, the Path*

*The signboard which stated my old block*
For two years as H04's member.
*smile alone*

*The H04 block*
[Miss it so much actually]

*Can you see my real name there?*

*The hut*

*The lane next to guard post*

*The main gate of my First and Second Year residence*

*The motto of the college*
[Still proud of it]

*My new residence*

*I walked down this path alone*
[ Anyone want to hold this cold hands?]

*Looking around*

*I wonder what this tree called*
It has purple flower.
Can you see it?

*The stairs that I kept climb up and down*

*Yeah, that's it*

*The corridor to my room*
Sometimes girls are messy too

14 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

Love the pictures

ZARA said...

Then, how about me?

Tara Graphic said...

the pictures are love.

but ur lovely..

ZARA said...

Thanks Tara dearie...

U are even more lovely

[yAN!e][pUTraJAya] said...

a ah kak yanie ada myspace...Yanie Putrajaya nama akak kat Myspace..he he eh..skang ni ada lagi myspace akak...

ZARA said...

Betul la ni Kak Yanie yang comel tu~
saya dah lama delete Myspace saya..
Got something that hurt me so much, so, better stop right?
Miss u!

Chobits said...

Wow, lovely place surrounding with trees and plants. ^^ How's your study so far?

ZARA said...

I am having Linear Algebra test tomorrow~


Princess Liyana said... kuat KTF ni:)

cutenye kasut, cinderella tu:)

ZARA said...


Kasut nak jadi princess tadi tak dapat la sayang~


spymama said...

okok, next time i know the way to visit you Zara.

since you are living away, you must have some chores too right? tell me about which one you dislike. grab the tag from my blog ya. tks.

ZARA said...


My lovely Spymama want to visit me..

I will my dear.

Mak Su said...

tq for this journey

ZARA said...

Tq 4 it too Mak Su

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