August 12, 2008

Tired and Stress

I slept at 3 in the morning and woke up at 5 something.
Slept about 2 hours.

Woke up with hard headache, blurred.
Prepared breakfast - and need to borrow my roommate heater.
It seems mine already damaged!

Yeah, after nice and cold shower, realized that I don't ironed any clothes yet.
Looked at my locker.

"I need to wear something formal"
Have Material Chemistry class.
So, I took a white garment.

*The blurred Zara*

*Mar and Zara before class*
[My reddish eye-shadow]

*After the Physical Chemistry class*

*Okay, I need to be energetic*

*Thivya and Zara going to have breakfast*

*The fried rice, egg and the kueh*

*Lets eat it*

*Don't play around in front of meals*
[Is that what Ramesh tried to do?]

*I always wonder what is the name of this tree*
[Looks like peach or plum]

So, after had the breakfast, we waited outside the Material class.
Did some revision on Linear Algebra test tonight.

*Foo and Zara*
[Black and White Rules Again]

*Midah and Zara*

*I am going back to my room*

To my beloved Baby [he know himself],
I took all this for you dear!

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

mm...Amazing scenery...

Thanks Zara!!!

ZARA said...

Thanks to u too Tara!!!

I really hope u like those photos!

Tara Graphic said...

i do Zara..i do..

ZARA said...

So, which photos that U like the most?

Malou said...

looks yummy too. I do love fried rice and eggs for my breakfast

I also like the other sceneries from your other posts Zara

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Malou dearie~

Yeah, it's a good brunch either~


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