August 11, 2008

Second Half

After messing around outside the class,
took my brunch.
The last meal that I took was yesterday lunch at 12 p.m.
and the simple breakfast this morning,
a mug of Nescafe.

So, in the Linear Algebra class just now,
my stomach craving for food.
Kept make the same sound since last night.

And still kept thinking what should I took.
Went to the cafe - saw people queued up for Roti Canai.

*Two pieces of them*

*Midah and Foo*
+New promoter of water+

*Zara and Foo*
+We looked as nice as ambassadors+

*Baby, you want some or have fight?*
+Let me feed you+

*Chemistry Teachers Rulez*
+Black and White again+

*Ling Ling and Zara* +Hijacked her whether she got Lab+

*Can you see my Blue Bottle?*
+Lovely Bottle+
+I want to give him a name+

*The document for my thesis*
+Read Zara!+

*One is Zara's, one more belongs to Mar*
+Looks alike, but Zara's the bigger one+

After class, went to the Health Center with Midah.
She's not feeling too well.
So, accompanied her there.

*Inside the Health Center*

*Midah The Patient*

*Zara The Doctor (???)*
+The patient will love me I guess+

6 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

i agree you be a docter...

ZARA said...

I am a teacher dear...

Tara Graphic said...

if you a the patient...i will love.

ZARA said...


Then, if I am a teacher?

Gonna hate me?

Tara Graphic said...

i'll learn with u..

ZARA said...

Thats a great thing...


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