August 18, 2008

Second Half As The Florist

After did something which I will tell all of you later,

I went to have my lunch.

A bit late by looking at the time,
I always lose my appetite if I am tired.

Plus, the Cinderella shoes make my foots hurt!
I know that's my fault because wore it,
no need to remind me.

Cut that story.
I had my lunch with Mar and Wani.

::My meal for today::

Menu: + Rice + + Meat + +Potatoes + + Vegetable +
The most important,
those were spiciest!

:: The Milo Ice:: [Mar's treat]

After the lunch,
continued the job.
I just love to do it!

::Those Graduation Pooh::
[It remind me of my honey bear,
where is he now?]

::The plastic flowers with chocolate::

::My favorite bouquet::
[Will anyone give that to me?]

::They arrived, I took those photos!::

::Roses are red::

::Ila and Zara played around while
bugging for customers::

:: I want this one::

:: Hold the flower from my booth,
but took the photo at the next booth::

Let me tell you something,
Siti loves to play with the perspectives.

::Zara from behind of curtain::

::The young lady that become a florist::

::With the florist tag::

::Ann and Zara::

:: Took this bouquet baby!::


Let's play!

:: Zara and Ann::
[It seems that our clothes looked similar]

:: Ila and Zara::
[Who buy this bouquet, we'll date together!]

::Three havoc florists::
:: We love roses baby::

::Thanks for let me hold this bouquet::
[I hope I will get one]

::The red roses again?::

::Hey Zara! What are you trying to do?::

:;The flowers row::

:: Smile Zara::
[Your heart is crying]
[Baby gone for vacation]
[Zara will going back home]

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