August 18, 2008

The Graduands

::17th August 2008::
Basically I just met a graduan, CWC.

::18th August 2008::
As a lot of people knew,
I do love hijacked people that I know.

Of course,
as the florist today,
I got that high chances to bump into those graduands.

::First bump::
[Abang Ezany]

::Abang Ezany, My Customer, and Zara::

::Second bump::
[Kak Lida]

::Wear her hat::

::With Kak Lida::
[I wore her hat, and her medal too]

::Third bump::

::I stood between three faculties::
+From left:
Kak Lida [Electrical Engineering]
Nabila [Science Computer]
Kak Dayah [Education - Electrical]

::Between two only::

::Basically, this how I will look like next year::
[Do I looked sweet?]

::Fourth bump::

I met Andrew.
After gave him his convocation's gifts,
we chatted for a while.

Helped him to take his photos
with his family.
I had some conversations with them.

::Andrew and Zara::
[Dear Andrew, why you look so cute lolz?]

::Fifth bump::
[Kak Fana]

::Kak Fana and Zara::

::We are teachers!::
[Sport Science, Pendidikan Islam and Chemistry- Zara]

::Kak Sha while walking into the hall::

::Kak Fariza and Zara::

[Andrew crossed my flower booth dear]
+ We bumped each other again,
on the way I went back to my room +

::Abang Fatim::

::Zara, Kak Ayed, Kak Anis and Jawaher::
Kak Anis just attend her convocation ceremony,
Kak Ayet and Jawaher will be in
tomorrow's session.

::Last bump::

::Basically I forgot her name,
but she kept bullied me in
Effective Communication class::

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Princess Liyana said...

seronoknye dear:)uhuhu auww andrew?kenal dia ek?comelkan:)

abg fatim jgak!haha

spymama said...

wow, that Andrew is so charming.. Spymama thinks so too... *blinks eye lashes too*

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