August 18, 2008

First Half As The Florist

::Second day of 41th-Convocation Day::

Went to help Mar today!
I'm one of the florist for today.

::Early in the morning::
[No sweat, just too cool and enjoyed the flowers]

:: Those people who stand-by outside the hall::
[They will walked into the hall with
proper ways]

Let me show all of you those
flowers that I sold today.



::Okay, lets arrange it!::
[Make it more nice!]

::I just love them so much::
[3 roses per bouquet]

::Do I look good?::

So people, I will let the flowers tell
you who are them.

[Cream roses+lavender]

::Everytime they were arrived,
I will took their photos::

::What does red roses means?::

:: They just make me craze to see them::

:: Is that 3 roses means I love you?::

:: Again, I started to sweat!::
[Too hot and even I sold many flowers too]

The florists
:: Ila, Ann, Midah, Siti and Zara::

::Pink make me sell them::

::Aishah and Zara::

3 사랑해 Kisses From You:

a'an_lemon said...

klakar kan tadi..asal sampi jek bunga baru...kte sumer pakat amek gmbo dlu..keke.
lagi byk bunga smpi..
lagi penat la dok posing..hahaha
sok jual lagik...lalalala


ZARA said...

bunga2 tu semua best2...

spymama said...

look at all those beauties... i don't mean the flowers. i meant the pretty girls there...

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