August 17, 2008

E-Learning Forummers

It's a bright day!
[Only in the morning]

The internet connection was broke down!
The time that I supposed message my baby!

I sent message to Mr. CWC.
Asked him about his convocation time.
Sent Lorince regards to him.

I messaged Ramesh.
We should met in the library at 10.30 a.m.

I messaged Ady.
We decided to meet Mr. CWC after he went out
from the hall.

Andrew messaged me.
He will be around the campus at 9.30 a.m.
Just hope can bumped into each other.

I went to the library.
It seems that the connection was not so good either.
I'm pissed off.

Saw Pi'ee.
Had some chatted with him.
About the genius boy that came to campus last night.

Andrew messaged me.
He already outside the library.
That's cool!

Met him for awhile.
He gave me a souvenir from his current university.

:: Andrew and Zara::

His convocation day will be tomorrow.
Met his family as well just now.
They were at the library foyer.

So, came back into the library.
Did some exercises.
Met Ramesh and after got message from Ady and CWC,
went out from the library.

Looking for something to give him.
I already wrote a greeting card.
Looked for Mar's booth.
Bought a nice decorated rose for him.

Headed to the Admin Building.
Saw Ady and we tried to find Mr. Chua.

At last we found him!
It's my first time met CWC face to face.
We had pretty nice conversation.

:: Ady, Mr. CWC [Chua Wee Cheak], Zara::

So, after said goodbye to him, Ady and me went to library.
Met Ramesh there.
We supposed to have our lunch together.

::The drinks to celebrate CWC's convocation::
[ But, actually it's for us - Ady bought it ]

:: Cheers to all the seniors for their convocation day::

Credit to Ramesh for took this photos.

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Tara Graphic said...

Can i have a go on the drinks?

ZARA said...

You should have the 'other' drinks dear...*smile*

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