August 17, 2008

After The Rain

After drank a big bottle of Malta outside the library,
went to have lunch with Ramesh and Ady.

Since it's started raining,
we decided to go to Cengal since Meranti will be full
with people.

So, Ramesh and I walked to Cengal
while Ady was by his motorcyle.

::Ady's helmet, Ramesh's umbrella and Zara's camera case::

Bumped into Ghandish there,
so asked her to join us.

Met Siti and Zai too.
They were sat at the next table.

::Ady's meal::

:: Zara's meal::

Even after took the lunch, we still chatted while
waiting for Midah to come.
It's a nice thing when we crossed the people
who can talked about anything,
everything that we concerned in this real world.

::From left : Zara, Ady, Ramesh and Ghandish::

[ I knew sometimes I talked animatedly,
but yeah, that's the way I talked people]

Credits to Midah who snapped this photo
without none of us realized that!

Its an honest photo on how exactly I am talking.

2 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Tara Graphic said...

hmm...nice communicating.. he3~~

ZARA said...

I am too dramatic I guess...

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