August 22, 2008

Best Early-Birthday Gift?

I wonder why everytime I want to celebrate my birthday, there will be someone who hurt me?

I just came back from hospital this evening - just to realize Baby dropped a message and said, GOODBYE FOREVER!

Baby, why you said like that without leave any reasons?

Why you must hurt me?

Seriously I want to laugh right now. I am tired of crying since I saw your message there. I really want to laugh.

You said you won't hurt me, you said you will love me as I am.

I am giving myself chance - to love and to be love again. But what I got?

A broken heart again?

Why? I kept asking the same question since I saw your GOODBYE message.

Why everytime 29th August just around the corner, someone will hurt me?

Someone love to give me early-sad-worse birthday gift to me?

29th August - I will turn to be a young lady with full of scars - bloody scars that you just gave me this evening.

I am sick!

I just recovered from pain and being hurt again by you! Whether I still need to take medicine because I am too weak now, but, the heart that bleeding right now?

No one can heal it it. There is no medicine that I can consume now. There is no doctors, no expertise, no anyone.

I am rolling on my comforter right now. I hate to see the world! I hate to wait for sunrise, no more sunshine to be waiting for! All of the promises are lies!

I am too weak now...

Is this the best birthday gift for Zara this year?

29th August is next week...Will I get the best than today?

I wonder....

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Malou said...

Hi Zara dear first of all I am sorry for those who have hurt you because they lose the most sweet, humble, honest and beautiful person that's you. To those who have hurt you I hope they would realize that they were the losers not you.

Cheer up girl life is not over. I wish the nice young woman that I knew will come back and make people happy. I am happy to know that you are happy dear.

I wish I can visit malaysia someday and see you.

I love Yah! take care dear Zara

spymama said...

aiyo. who did tat horrible thing to you. spymama give you hugs... *hugs*

_neo_ said...

zara, jangan sedey macam ni..aku pon turut sedih biler bace post ko ni..aku baru ade mase nak membace..aku empati giler kat ko..aku tak tau nak buat ape..aku cumer leh cakap , ko kene saba banyak2..zikir banyak2..aku tau ko sedey sgt, aku strong zara..

Tara Graphic said...

Yeah..that guy/girl is really a big jerk...they hurt you so much.....
they are really stupid...they don't know how u feel...they are so stupid!!! i wish i killed them!!!!! And yeah...they are losers..

.......Im sorry Zara......


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