July 24, 2008

White, Black and Grey

*From left : Ramesh, Midah and Me*

When we talked about colors - something that make me want to enjoy in my life.

This semester, basically the weather is too cold - the heavy rain, storm, lightening and so on. It always make me freezing in the lecture hall.

So, since I bought a new sweater before I came back this semester, I always brought it to the class.

It seems that during the semester break, university already under renovation. All the air conditioner just too well!

All the lecture halls and even tutorial rooms are too cold.

Talking about that, the weather outside is moody right now~

Something unique that I want to share down there, how three of us - Midah, Ramesh and me were in Faculty!
*big grin*

*Mom and Dad - it seems that all of you sent us to overseas*

4 사랑해 Kisses From You:

Malou said...

Im glad you got all necesessary paperwork you need hehe. I if work there i could be of help to you. I worked in the library for 4 years as a high school librarian and I enjoyed helping our clients to find what they need. Sadly I resigned from my work there and moved here in US. I hope someday I can go back to work as a librarian. Goodluck to your research :-)

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot my dear malou..
Hope will be able to see u coming back as the librarian dear.

Princess Liyana said...

Alahai.macam kenal je..huhu:p

ZARA said...

silap tu if tak kenal~

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