July 23, 2008

Coordination Chemistry Quiz!

So, tomorrow I will have my first quiz in this semester.

Coordination Chemistry Quiz.

Wish Me Good Luck People!

I am pretty scared....

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Tey said...

Hmmm Chemistry.. It's been sooooo long since I had the experiment. I dont even remember anything simply because I hate the subject...lols.. Thanks for the visit Zara.. Let me know if it's okey to xlink
Array of Hopes
Ester's Raptured Dreams
Ester's Celebrity Blog

ZARA said...

Thanks for drop by Tey! Sure! Link mine too~

azie said...

gudluck yah!

ZARA said...

Thanks my dear Azie!

Daryl Teo said...

Best of luck Zara. I'm sure u'll do good! Catch u later. =)

ZARA said...

Thanks a lot Daryl

Krishna said...

Chemistry is a very interesting subject if you understand the basics. See my blog krishspeak.blogspot.com
in which I write about global warming and related issues. I use chemical formulas for all the reactions I write about.
Interested in exchanging links? If possible add all my blogs and buzz me. I will reciprocate with links in all my blogs, including celebrity-females.blogspot.com . Thanks in advance.

ZARA said...

hi.thanks a loy krishna~

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